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#write31days Introduction {and a vlog}

Hey everyone! It’s almost October, did you know? I happen to know this because I’m participating in the 31 Days challenge, as issued by The Nester (and also because I do own a calendar). 🙂 I’ve put together a wonderful crazy vlog to introduce my topic and what you can expect for the coming month. Hint: It’s a lot of writing.

So, I hope you were entertained by my props and costume change at the end of that. And if you didn’t watch it, you should. There’s some tips on marriage proposals in there!

Most importantly, join me as I write about my time in South Africa. Join me for 31 Days of Moments in Africa.




12 thoughts on “#write31days Introduction {and a vlog}

  1. Can’t wait! Love the vlog! And girl, you totally nailed the pronunciation of my last name .. Mad props to you! Seriously, like the best pronunciation by an American EVER. Probably even better than I can say it .. 😉 So glad that you’re writing on this subject!!

    1. Aw you are so sweet! I was hoping I was getting it right! You know, I lived close to a town/village called Taung, so I heard my teachers talk about go to Taung ALL the time! 🙂 I never did go there though.

  2. What a great introduction! The topic is perfect, I am so excited! We never met in person, but the vlog makes you feel we did…and we seem to have a bit in common, I also lived in South Africa and I also speak/spoke Setswana! I will be writing on TCK life and South Africa will be heavily featured 🙂
    So excited for your stories, hope they don’t make me too homesick…:)

    1. Hey Katha! That’s what I LOVE about vlogs…it makes these people we meet online so much more real! 🙂 And…isn’t it cool, finding commonalities? Small world, right? I’m excited to check out YOUR 31 days series. Eek…tomorrow!

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