Intentional Living

Those Little Interactions

In any given day, we interact with hundreds of people. The lady checking our groceries out at the store, the guy pulling into the parking space next to you, or the person three people behind you at the bank. Most of those interactions? We don’t even realize they are happening.


(Ok, I live in a small town, so there are NEVER three people in line at the bank. 🙂 But still…you get the picture.)

We might never know that our actions are noted, or that someone is watching how we go about our day. But think about how often you notice something a person is doing, and start thinking more and more about them. Maybe it’s just me, but I think these things all the time.

And sometimes, I think about how my actions look from the outside. Not because I’m concerned with what others think of me, but because I’m curious how I demonstrated God’s love to others. (Ok, and sometimes because I’m concerned with what others think, in all honesty).

It’s all good and dandy to think, “Well, I don’t care what others think. I’m going to live how I want and not be concerned with what anyone thinks.” I think it’s great not to worry about whether others are judging us. But at the same time…

…as Christians, we need to look at our lives as if we are an outsider. Someone who doesn’t know our inner thoughts and life circumstances. Because if Christ isn’t easily obvious from the outside, something’s wrong.

It’s not about self-confidence, judgement, or embracing our unique selves. It’s about making sure God is evident in our lives.

And it’s about the little things. How we react to someone who doesn’t use their turn signals, or takes a long time deciding on what coffee to order. The faces we pull when we see a child throwing a full-out fit three feet away, or when someone nabs our parking spot. Because those little moments?

They matter.

If Jesus isn’t evident in the little things, is He really evident in the big ones?

If our faith shines brightly during our Bible study, but dims in the middle of Walmart, are we truly letting Jesus shine through us?

Friends, I’m talking to myself as much as you. Because those no-turn-signal-parking-spot-stealing people? Ooooh, they get my goat! But I’m learning, and I’m catching myself.

And even if nobody, absolutely nobody, is watching, I know what’s in my heart. And I want the deepest part of me to shine, full of Jesus. And then those little (re)actions? They’re going to change.

So what can you do now to share a little of God’s love? How about paying it forward!

You see, my friend Jolene has a WONDERFUL #blogitforward linkup going on. All you have to do is find a blog post you love (that’s NOT your own), and post it anonymously on the link up below. It’s the chance to silently encourage someone else. A little action that can have a HUGE impact on someone else. Just link up, right here!

Then visit some of these other links and leave a comment of encouragement. I promise, you’ll find some great things here.

And then, go out and do in in your “real life”. Spread that encouragement and let Jesus shine through!



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