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Five Minute Friday: Belong


In the candid moments is when life happens. When the shields fall away and the realness comes in. Out flies the expectations and in swoops that magic feeling: belonging. Happening in the everyday, after-work-tired, chocolate-brownie-hungry, real-life-talking moments.

The tweets fly back in forth, full of encouragement, prayer requests, praise reports, offers of delicious treats, stories about comical children, and chatter about TV and games. It’s a fellowship hall happening online, filled with women who have poured out their hearts through their words. (Click to Tweet!) Through that, we have found community.

photo1 (11)

We belong.

This community of real-life-writes, this #FMFParty, is where I belong. They’re my people. And each week we gather together and chatter like old friends.

Some people say you can’t have real friends online. They haven’t met these #FMFParty ladies. Because when you pray wholeheartedly for friends you’ve never met but know well, you find friendship. When a story or a quote makes you think of one of your fellow writers, that’s friendship. When you find a kindred spirit and conversations flows naturally…yup, that’s real friendship.

Belonging with some RL friends
Belonging with some RL friends

That’s belonging.


A year ago, I wrote another Five Minute Friday post on belonging.

Where I belonged last year.
Where I belonged last year.

See how life changes in just a year? And a year ago? I didn’t even know about this #FMFParty community, the twitter party before the writing. Oh what I was missing!


It’s five minute Friday, where we abandon the inner editor and write freely for five minutes. Together-as a community. This week’s prompt is Belong. Join the fun at Lisa-Jo’s blog Crystal’s blog.



12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Belong

  1. love this Jen. You totally have to be part of the online community (and find blessing in it) to understand that indeed there are real friendships. Some of my dearest sisters (and some brothers) are online and I’m so thankful God’s allowed our paths to intersect. What a blessing this community has developed into. So glad that you’re a part of it. I’ll have to check out your other post about belonging as well.

    1. Yes, it’s hard to understand unless you’re here. He can lead us to some incredible friendships, sometimes through the strangest of circumstances! 😉 So many blessings through #FMFParty

  2. Last year, we had just moved here to Texas, and now we’re awaiting the move back home. Where our hearts are. So much does happen in a year…

  3. I echo your sentiments: so glad I found the #fmfparty community! And I love this: ” It’s a fellowship hall happening online, filled with women who have poured out their hearts through their words.” So very true!

    1. The differences, as with most games as of late, is really small. There’s no night and day differences anymore (except for some few really shoddy titles), and this one is tight. To my eyes, the ps3 looks slightly better in most screens. The textures, lighting and AA seems more consistent, but in a few shots it seems the other way around. I have a hard time believing anybody would notice this on the go, but i think the ps3 will edge it.VN:R_U [1o(917_1161].fr.m 2 votes)

  4. I’m a newbie to embracing the online community. But from my experience so far, you are absolutely right. I love opening my laptop with a cup of coffee and reading the stories day after day, week after week, and then suddenly feeling like I’ve known them forever. They make me laugh, cry, gasp, and pray. Great post!

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