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Five Minute Friday: Exhale

The sun was beginning to set as I got into my car and let out a breath, relaxing after a 12 hour work day. June had been a busy month, and I was finally finished with all the major events of the month. I was finally able to exhale and relax after weeks of long days and evenings at work, frantic ast-minute-rushing-around, and unloading and reloading my car with various things for diverse events. It had been a wearying period, and I was just happy for it to be over.

A week later, and here I sit in another state, on my first (mini) vacation in months. A vacation full of bottles and onesies and newborn baby breaths. Where I get to cherish each and every exhilaration and snore of a precious little baby. My brand new nephew.photo1 (13)

His face-paced breaths are sweet and tender, and that last exhale as he falls asleep and the pacifier drops from his mouth…absolutely adorable. There is something special about wee little baby breaths, which you mom-bloggers already know and this aunt-blogger is just finding out.

There is complete surrender when he exhales and falls asleep. As he relaxes completely in my arm, gentle little snorts arise from his sleeping body.

photo2 (6)

And I find myself mentally exhaling with him, relaxing after working so hard the past month. What a wonderful reward at the end of all that craziness. I can just forget about it all and lose myself in newborn adorableness.

I can finally exhale.


It’s five minute Friday, where we abandon the inner editor and write freely for five minutes. Together-as a community. This week’s prompt is Exhale. Join the fun at Lisa-Jo’s blog.


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Exhale

  1. Oh my stars he is precious!!! It’s a blessing – the power of that last exhale into slumber, gently rocking a little one and feeling their little bodies simply press in in full surrender! (As Crystal Stine wrote about… may we all do that with our Father as well!) Love this! Enjoy your vaca!

  2. awww. so glad that you have this time of exhaling…both of spirit and body. Praying that it will fill you up. And breathe in that baby smell and those moments…they are precious

  3. I am with you! June was exceptionally tiring for me as well. Constantly on my feet and behind the wheel throughout the month. I also feel like this weekend I am able to finally exhale and allow God’s oxygen to reach my brain. Thank you for this read. ^_^ Glad you have a new addition to your family!

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