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Open Letter to All the Single Ladies

Dear Single Ladies,

I want you to know something: there is nothing wrong with you.

Your age doesn’t matter. Nor does the number of dates you have been on, or the boyfriends you have or haven’t had.


You are an amazing, incredible woman who was created by a God who loves you more than you can possibly know. The life you live isn’t random, but foreseen by the God who created the entire universe. He knows you, and holds your heart in His hands. You are never forgotten.

You shouldn’t be marginalized; you should be celebrated. There is strength in your bones and a desire in your heart to do something.

You may climb mountains, teach children to read, write songs, feed the hungry, or win marathons. You will change your little corner of the world.

Be the change

And regardless of what the world may tell you, don’t get discouraged. You may feel lonely, and sometimes you might even feel like you’re doing it wrong. But, friend, don’t believe it.

Don’t spend your time just waiting for Mr. Right. The problem with waiting is that we end up treading water, missing opportunities because we think we need a spouse to pursue our dreams. And sometimes you do.

But sometimes, God gives us dreams that exceeds our imagination, something beyond our wildest dreams. And He wants us to chase them now. Not when we get married, but now.

Society expects us to finish school, get a job, get married, and have kids. Primarily in that order. And for those who do that-more power to you. There is beauty in that, and I celebrate with you.


But for some of us, life doesn’t pan out that way. And far too often, we are pushed to the sidelines. Viewed as deficient in something. People treat us differently, and feelings of failure start to creep in.

But singleness is not a disease. It’s not falling short. <-Click to Tweet

If we accept it with arms wide open, we can embrace our singleness and find joy in it. Rather than feel like we are missing out, we can join in and chase our dreams alongside our married friends.

It’s not easy, friends. It’s June now. That’s wedding season. As a 20-something girl who is single, I get it. With each friend that gets married, the expectations mount. The questions follow. The “well someday, your turn will come” comment pops up left and right.

But I refuse to tell people I’m waiting for Mr. Right. Because he might never come. I know some of you shudder to hear that, but it’s the truth. Not everyone gets married (despite what Facebook might make you think). For some of us, this “single season” will last a lifetime. And it’s not something to be ashamed of, friends.

Psalm 39:4

No, I’m not waiting. I’m living. <-Click to Tweet

I’m embracing the dreams God has given me, right where I am. Will you do the same?

With prayers,


Linking up with Holly Barrett at Reclaiming a Redeemed Life for #TestimonyTuesday.

Holly Barrett



13 thoughts on “Open Letter to All the Single Ladies

  1. Love this post, friend! There are so many blessings to a season of singleness, whether it lasts a few years or a lifetime. So grab hold of it and enjoy! Thanks for linking up to Testimony Tuesday.

    1. Thank you, Holly! It’s taken me time to realize that, but I fully agree. Once I began to embrace being single, the blessings started rolling in. And they haven’t stopped! Thanks for coming by today 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am loving the adventure God is taking me on! One I might never have embarked on if I wasn’t single and could pick up and go. Or if I was sitting at home waiting for someone to do it with. While I know it isn’t for everyone, I view my singleness as a gift. It gives me an extra measure of time and love to share with others. So glad to see you encouraging your sisters in the same way. Enjoy the adventure!

    1. Jordan, you seem to get it exactly! My time in the Peace Corps probably wouldn’t have happened if I was married, and I learned so much about myself and the world while I was there. Incredible blessing…which I was able to experience because I didn’t let my singleness hold me back. It helped me discover who I am, and set a firm foundation for my faith, which grows daily. I am so grateful God led me there, and gave me the courage to say “yes” at the right moment.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!!

  3. You are a true inspiration Jenny!!! Whether you know it or not, I always looked up to you in High School and I still do til this day. Thanks for writing this!!

    1. Jaclyn, you know…I looked up to you-still do too! So full of energy and always positive. You’ve inspired me in ways you don’t even know. How I wish I could sit down with you now, have some coffee, chat, and give you a big hug!!!

  4. Aw i love this. Being single is hard. Being a single mom is hard. Not knowing if someone will accept me or not because I am “used” often runs through me but ultimately I feel like God has plans for me and if He has created someone for me then that someone will love me and all of my baggage unconditionally. In the meantime I live life and do my best to LOVE the life I live! Er, minus the allergies 😛 Thanks for this Jen!

    1. Marisa, I can’t even begin to imagine single motherhood. I admire my Mom greatly for the 7 years she spent as a single mom. You ladies are so inspirational because you defy the odds and raise amazing kids, despite challenges around even corner. If some guy decides you aren’t good enough for him based on the fact that you have kids…then he is simply clueless. 🙂

      Keep living the life you live, and loving the God who loves YOU! Because your words are wonderful and your encouragement to me is powerful. I’m so happy you don’t let your singleness bring you down, friend. 😀

  5. Oh how I can relate to this! I really wish people would just not say anything. And I really wished married people wouldn’t ignore us. I actually do a a link-up with other single-girls and we talk a lot about these different topics.

    I agree with you I really hate when people talk about “the one” because really the one can be anyone. I read a post last week about contradictory prayers when you’re single and it’s so true. You need to live your life the way god intended for YOU and not in the hopes by doing x,y, and z you will meet your husband.

    I actually think this topic is quite interesting. On the secular view people are all you don’t need to get married until your 35 live life but on the christian view if your still single at 25 something is obviously wrong with you!

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