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Risk on His Faithfulness

On Sunday, my pastor spoke again on his series of “Crazy Busy”, which I have loved so far and will blog about when I can gather my thoughts. 🙂 But during his description of how he keeps his Sabbath restful, my pastor started sharing how he prays during the Sabbath. He even shared a few of the notes on his note cards, about what he specifically prays. On one of the cards, I think for his daughter, he said “I pray that she learns to risk on God’s faithfulness”.

The pastor went on with his sermon, but I was stuck on that phrase. “Risk on God’s faithfulness.”

bungee jumping
I can jump off a bridge, but I can’t risk in His faithfulness?

And then it hit me: isn’t that exactly what He has been asking me to do? Something I’ve been struggling with, because I don’t have all the answers and I don’t understand where He’s leading me. Things which make it very hard to surrender all.

But risk isn’t about safeguarding. It’s about throwing in all your chips and praying it ends up well. When God’s involved, it will end well. Risk doesn’t guarantee safety, convenience, warm fuzzy feelings, or a fairy-tale ending. (Click to Tweet) Sometimes risk involves falling flat on your face or eating some humble pie.

Risking on God’s faithfulness….friends, that got to me. Because I’m struggling to do it every single day. I worry. I worry about my job, my family, money, the future, whether zombies will invade.  I know worrying is useless, and a testimony to my unwillingness to trust in His plan. But some days, it seems like I can’t help it. Some days my stress meter maxes out, and I’m spent.

Those are the times when I can start risking it all in His faithfulness. During the times when it all becomes a little too much for me to manage alone. Instead of crumbling and giving in to the stress, I can give it to Him, who can take my burden and make light work of it. It’s a starting point, and from there, I pray I can continue to risk on His faithfulness. Because unlike a normal gamble, there’s really no risk involved. He’s got this. (Click to Tweet)

And when we agree to risk it, He turns it into something beautiful.

Friends, do you risk on God’s faithfulness? Are you ready to join me and say yes to risking on His faithfulness?

Joining up with Holly Barrett at Testimony Tuesday!

Holly Barrett




6 thoughts on “Risk on His Faithfulness

  1. Hi Jen! I’m with you…ready to risk on His faithfulness! God has proved to me time and time again how faithful He is. It sounds like you and I are in similar place in our journey right now…”I don’t have the answers and I don’t understand where He’s leading me.” Yep, me too. But we can truth the One who does. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us today. You blessed me! Praying for you, friend!

    1. Thank you for the prayers, Julie! Seems like every day He is stretching and growing me in new ways…though sometimes I don’t always cooperate! 😉 At least He is patient and gives me grace on the difficult days. Praying for you too, friend!

  2. Oh yes! Why is it so hard to risk on something that He has assured us He will be faithful in? I struggle with it all the time, so you are not alone! Thanks for linking up for Testimony Tuesday!

    1. I’ve no clue why it’s so hard, but it is! Glad there’s grace here, and friends who are in the same boat! Thanks for stopping by Holly!

  3. I’m right there with you BIG TIME these days — risking on his faithfulness. Looking into the unknown? Yes. Tempted to be afraid? Yep. Choosing to trust because I know I’m following his lead? (Deep breath) YES! Every day it’s a choice… Keep choosing well, my friend. He’s definitely got “it” covered — whatever “it” is!

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