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#AtoZChallenge: Worship

A day late and a dollar short….or rather two days late and no dollars at all. 🙂

You see, I moved this weekend, after being up bright and early Saturday morning to be at a health fair with my job. After I got moved in, I found out that the internet is not yet set up. So I didn’t have internet until Sunday afternoon, and then I was unpacking after the aforementioned move.

So today I’m writing on the letter “W”, and I’ll be talking about:


When I was a little girl, my family sat next two one of my best friends at church, right up in the front row on the left hand side of the stage. And when our worship team got up and started singing, my friend and I began to dance with abandon. We would twirl and jump and swing around, dancing through the worship service while the adults near us smiled. I don’t know how often I did that, but I vividly remember it nearly twenty years later. That was how we worshiped. As little girls, I doubt we realized we were worshiping, but that was our “joyful noise”, dancing without inhibition in the church aisle.

And then, church got churchy, and people began to mutter about the lady who waved flags to worship, several years later. I learned that my place was to stand at my seat and sing. Not too loudly and not too emotionally, or else people would look. And though I would sometimes manage to get into a worshipful spirit, it became harder. I felt restricted.

Until I found out that worship wasn’t confined to 45 minutes at church. That I could worship alone in my car, or in my room at home. That worship didn’t mean singing, but meant pouring out my love for God. Whether it was with my voice, my words, or just my heart overflowing with love for the Creator.


Around my neck, I wear a necklace that reminds me to worship, always. Every day, in every situation. In good times and in bad. And I’ve found that those bad times lighten up a bit after a little bit of worship.

God doesn’t mandate that we stand upright and sing in unison with other churchgoers to worship. That can be a great way to worship, but it’s not the only way. Sometimes just sitting back and realizing the wonder of His creation can be just as worshipful.

And I urge you to consciously consider whether you are always worshiping. Worship can change your heart, friends. <–Click to Tweet!


PS. My sister really wanted me to write about Water Buffalos, which are pretty awesome. If you need more info, check out The Water Buffalo Song for a flashback to 90s Christian education for kids. 🙂


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