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#AtoZChallenge: Uncommon

We’re getting down to the last few days of the A to Z Challenge, and some of the letters are getting a little….well, uncommon. But that’s not why I chose “uncommon” as my prompt.



It’s easy to think your life is normal, like a million others, common. Your daily routine seems just like everyone else’s, but in reality we are all unique, and there is something uncommon about out lives.

To me, God’s grace in uncommon. Who in this world endlessly forgives someone who repeatedly hurt themselves and others through their sin? Who continually offers grace and love, no matter the circumstances? Who goes out of their way to bless someone who doesn’t even notice-every day? That’s not common, friends, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg with God’s love.

We’ve got an uncommon faith, friends.  <–Click to Tweet!


People might think we are crazy. Or that we use religion as a crutch. Or that we are self-righteous for believing in eternal grace and eternal life. We might be called delusional. And that’s okay, because my faith in God supersedes it all. It’s part of an uncommon faith that is a gift from an uncommon God.

We live in this world, but our uncommon faith in an incredible God transforms our lives into something completely uncommon.



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