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#AtoZChallenge: Thrive

Well, April’s moving fast, and there’s only about a week left of the A to Z Challenge. Today’s letter is “T”, and I’m writing about: Thrive.


In life, it’s easy to just start surviving. Life gets busy…hectic. We have all sorts of things we want to accomplish, dreams both big and small, but at the end of the day, it’s easy to give into exhaustion. It’s hard not to sink into the sofa and burrow into a pile of blankets, reading the evening away.

Friends, we weren’t made to survive. God made us for so much more. <–Click to Tweet! 

photo1 (2)

God gives us these hopes and dreams for a reason-not to discourage us by their bigness, but to encourage us to stretch. To step out of our comfort zone. To defy exhaustion and embrace His glorious plan for our lives. For my life. And friends, for your life.


About a month ago, I bought the Casting Crowns CD Thrive, and since then, the songs have been speaking to my heart. It’s namesake song, Thrive, is a beautifully-written message about how God can help us not to survive-but to thrive. Give it a listen here:

Thriving can be difficult, and that’s why we don’t always manage to do it. But through His grace and strength, we can move from survival mode to truly thriving. And, friends, people are going to notice when you start thriving. Let that be a silent testimony to God’s glory.



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