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#AtoZChallenge: Sustain

Hello, friends, and Happy Earth Day! As a Horticulturalist/Community Garden Coordinator, Earth Day is a big day at work for me. Later I’ll be speaking with 300-ish people at an event in town (gulp) and then having a work day with some teens going through the Job Corps program. But first, I wanted to write a bit this morning. 🙂

Anyways, today is another #atozchallenge day.

Today’s word is: Sustain.

One of the most powerful assignments I had in college was a dorm room inventory, meaning I had to list everything I owned in my dorm room and reflect on it. Dr. Z., one of my favorite profs, had this as an introductory assignment in his Global Sustainability class, and it was designed to show us how much stuff we actually owned.

It opened my eyes. And made me feel a little ashamed.

In all honesty, I don’t own that much, compared to many Americans. I’m frugal, and I don’t often buy clothes unless I need something specific. I rent books and movies rather than buying them. And I don’t have endless trinkets sitting on shelves. But I still had a LOT of stuff, and making an inventory of it was a lot of work.

Realizing how much stuff we have is a key to understanding how to be sustainable in our own lives. We have to address our own problems before we talk to others about theirs. The Earth cannot continue to sustain us unless something changes.

I believe in stewardship, meaning I believe that God created the earth and He placed us on here to live in His creation, enjoy it, and protect it.  I believe we are called to be stewards on His earth, so that the planet may sustain us.

He created this earth, stroke by glorious stroke, to sustain us. <–Click to Tweet!

But He also sustains us spiritually. He doesn’t leave us alone to wander through life-instead He is there with us.


He provides us with strength when we are weak, joy when we are down, and love when we feel abandoned. He sustains us, body and soul.



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