Faith · Intentional Living

#atozchallenge: Quell

Surrounding me lies the dead grasses of last year’s prairie: brown, chest high, stretching off towards the barren woods in the distance. A strong wind rustles each blade of grass, and the millions of gentle movements begin to form a symphony.



Music swells from the seemingly dead prairie, overwhelming in its force. A few insects join in, and a frog croaks off in the distance. Peace flows through me, quelling the fears and worries inside. All because of a breeze and withered grass.

And I could have missed that moment of peace. I could have hurried on, driving straight by it, never hearing the beauty of a spring day on a prairie reserve.


I find God speaks through nature, and His presence can be found if we take a moment and pay attention, allow ourselves to be immerse in the wonder of His creation. For me, it quells the anxiety inside. I can abandon my worries and lay aside my apprehensions, resting in His peace.

Lord, quell my soul. Give me Your peace everlasting. <–Click to Tweet


And on this Easter morning, I pray you remember the incredible sacrifice made by God, out of love for you. Let the quell your fears and bring you hope.




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