Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: Glue

So, lucky for y’all (yes, I went with y’all), I’m posting twice today! One for the #atozchallenge and now for the #fmfparty. So come on in, have a cup of hot tea, and take a seat.

Today, the word is…



Sometimes, life’s a little crazy. Things are happening here and there, and eventually we start to feel weary. Cracks start to form in our happy lives, and the pieces start to fall apart.

Life’s like that. But in those times, God can be our glue, if we allow it. He holds us together and keeps our lives from shattering into a million little pieces.

If you drop a plate on the ground and try to repair it with glue, it never ends up looking the same as before. Little shards get left behind, and the pieces don’t fit together snugly. When our lives seem to break apart, it’s the same way. We don’t come out of it looking the same. Our hearts are change, and sometimes little pieces break off.

God is our glue, the thing that holds us together…but when the pieces fall apart, we are never quite the same again. For better or for worse, we are changed. Just like that glued together plate. But God can heal the wounds and smooth the shards. He can take the pieces of our lives and make a masterpiece of it, if we surrender to Him. <–Click to Tweet!


It’s Five Minute Friday, where we write for five minutes only on a common prompt. Join the fun at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog!



30 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Glue

  1. Great reminders… everything in life changes us, for better or worse and through it all, God is always there to keep us together. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Jen, for the reminder. You are so right. When things happen that cause brokenness it is as if we are never the same, but I am so thankful God is the glue for our broken lives! Stopping by form FMF. Have a great weekend celebrating our Redeemer Lives!…<…Cathy

  3. Grateful for a changed life! You made me think of a new slogan for our blogs… Got glue? Imagine the print ads…. 🙂 Thanks for stirring up some creative thinking today – Have a great Easter!

  4. Oh, how thankful I am that I am not the same. I am thankful for the days of being broken, and for his glue shoved into my cracks and breaks. So. Very. Thankful. Gone are pride and prejudices I once claimed as righteousness. Love this! Looking forward to getting to know you more through our FMF Snail Mail group!

    1. Oh, yes, my friend! The brokenness gives birth to much greater, more beautiful things. He crafts it into something amazing! And…I’m excited to get to know you all more too through the FMF Snail Mail! Thanks for coming by

  5. Jen, hi and happy FMF! I love the analogy of the broken plate and the tiny shards we never find and how the plate never fits together just right. How grateful I am that when God glues me back together that I’m not the same! Absolutely. Positively. Thankful! So glad our paths have crossed … now to go and get ready for Easter. 🙂

  6. Lovely, God can and does make us whole again but each moment alters us in a way that hopefully praises the Lord, if not now, then in the future! Bless you dear!

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