#AtoZChallenge: On Air

Another day, another post. Though I usually like to do a morning post, due to some nervousness this morning, I decided to do an evening post.

Now, this nervousness had nothing to do with writing, but about a radio broadcast I was doing this morning. So, today’s letter is “O”, and I’m writing about:

On Air.

I love to talk, don’t get me wrong. Ask my family and they’ll tell you I never stop talking. But talking on the radio is a nerve-wracking experience for me. I’ve never really been on air (besides a line here or there), and I’ve certainly never been part of a morning radio show. Fifteen minutes of radio silence to be filled by me? Umm….

Though I love to talk, sometimes I get tripped up. Somewhere between my brain and my lips, words tend to get tumbled about and somethings things come out wrong! 🙂 In a newspaper interview, that’s not a problem. And on a TV interview, they can edit it out. But radio? Puh.

When I started my job as a Horticulturalist last month, my boss said she wanted me as visible as possible-in the paper, on the news, and on radio. Okay, sounds great….except that last bit.

One of my friends said I have a great face for radio. 😉 But all in all, I wasn’t looking forward to this morning’s broadcast. I was a little bit nervous, but in the end, it went wonderfully. I didn’t lose track of my thoughts or stutter about too much, and I managed to hit every point I wanted to make. The prayer I sent up as I walked in certainly seemed to help!

Though I don’t look forward to being on air again soon, I’ll deal with it if it happens. Maybe next time I’ll bring one of my junior master gardeners to talk! 😉 That would be entertaining!



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