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#AtoZChallenge: Laugh

It’s the start of another week, and despite a long work day for a Monday, it’s going well. Besides the snow, that is. We won’t even get into that….(I mean, come on! It’s APRIL!) 🙂 For now, it’s time for the A to Z Challenge.

Today the word is:



Growing up, when we would have holidays and dinners at my grandparents, this is how it always looked: The men sitting at the tables, talking about cars, motorcycles, tractors, and other man stuff. The women took over the living room, where we all sprawled out on the couch, chairs, folding chairs, or floor, snacking and….above all…laughing.

If you get my mom and her sisters together in one room, soon they descend into unending giggles. Add me, my sister, and my cousins, and it’s a laughing-fest, usually resulting in tears streaming down our faces as we gasp for breath and clutch our sides.

DSC_0461 copy

We like to laugh, what can I say? There’s something amazing about laughing…it chases away your problems. <–Click to Tweet!

Family functions will never be complete without a room full of guffawing women. My sister and I can barely manage to Facetime without one of us chortling over one thing or another. And when my best friend and I get together, it’s one round of chuckling after another. And if I manage to stumble across a page of “Pinterest Fails” online…oh boy, bring on the LOLs.


But really, what’s bad about a snicker or two? Of course, there’s a time and a place for it. And the best time and place for a good laugh is when you’re with friends and family.

And, laughing must be pretty important, since there are so many synonyms for it!




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