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#AtoZChallenge: Hope

It’s day nine of the #AtoZChallenge, and I’ve learned a few things thus far. Primarily, I’ve learned how much I need to consider a new computer. My 2010-era netbook that spent 2.5 years bumping around dusty Africa is getting a little finicky. But, I will keep on writing, as long as it lets me!

Today I’m writing about hope.

Hope is a beautiful thing. Despite any circumstance, you can hope. And I rest assured that my hope isn’t ignored-God knows every teeny, tiny hope that flits through my mind. He knows it, and He takes it into His heart. And He has plans for me, even when I don’t know it.

There’s a lot of power in hope. <–Click to Tweet!


It can transcend any situation. Even during your darkest times, if you can find the seed of hope inside you and cling to it, you will pull through. Hope is an undeniable light in the dark. It is a seed that can grow into something beautiful. It is a power that transcends.

Hope is a gift from God, helping us pull through and thrive.

I have so many hopes and dreams, but my greatest hope is to follow God and discover His plans for me. I want to bring glory to Him, not to myself, through everything I do. I can hope for certain things, but I know that at the end of the day, His hopes are better. He has dreams for me, beyond anything I could imagine. And I pray that His hope becomes my hope.

I’m seizing His hope for my own. <–Click to Tweet!

What do you hope for?



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