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#AtoZChallenge: Editing

Welcome of the fifth day of the #AtoZChallenge! Come on in, have a seat, and join in on the fun! Today’s letter is “E”, and after bouncing around a few things, I’ve settled on one word that has been on my mind a lot lately:


Yeah, I’m talking about that good ole writing-related editing. I’ve always hated doing it, I’ll be honest. In school, my first draft was usually my final draft, with quick check for spelling and typos. I  was blessed with the ability to write without extensive planning or rewriting, and it worked well for me.

Writing a novel is a whole different story.

Last year, I wrote the majority of my first novel during NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Due to breaking my arm and having surgery in a foreign country, my month was actually about two weeks of furious writing. As NaNo ended, I found out I was being moved back to the USA, and the task of editing and rewriting my novel fell to the wayside.

And now, four months later, I’ve only made it 15 pages through my manuscript, seven of those done last night.

Yesterday, this wise woman named Lisa-Jo wrote about the difficult task of writing more than a blog post or short story. And she shared some wonderful advice…


You see, most writers don’t run off to a remote location for months to write. Most writers have other jobs, kids, a family, or some adorable dogs that require a lot of attention. So how do WE manage to write?

Five minutes at a time. A stolen hour while the family watches television. A short session squeezed in before bedtime, or between dinner and washing the dishes.

So I opened up my novel and spent 40 minutes editing last night. And it felt great! Slowly, but sure I’m getting there. And I know many of you have been right there with me, encouraging me along…thank you!




5 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Editing

    1. After NaNo, I was just like “DONE. Can’t do anymore!” So a break was good….but now I’ve got no excuses! Good luck with your editing!!

  1. Oh my goodness!! I hate editing too!!! It takes me forever and I get so bogged down. I think that’s why I’ve rarely ever “finished” any of my novels hehe. I really need to get this last NaNo edited though because I really like it and after reading back over it I realized it wasn’t finished either so I need to finish writing it. 🙂 I love when books decide they need a new ending hehe.

  2. I will admit to hating editing almost as much as I hate spiders. There I’ve said it! I’m beginning to work with an editor who led a workshop I attended recently. Although my manuscript isn’t completed, we decided to use her method of editing and work chapter-by-chapter to see what I have and where to head next. I think I like her idea. And last year I did A to Z and had so much fun. I used the theme of character development and in the process learned a lot. That was done from my writing blog though ( Anyway, I’m glad you’re doing it this year and maybe next year we can do it together! I know a pair of writers who are joining together on one theme and each doing 13 posts instead of the total 26. Keep up the good work!

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