#AtoZChallenge: Dreams

It’s the fourth day of the #AtoZChallenge, and though morning comes early, I’ve got some coffee with a hint of Hazelnut, and I’m ready to write.

Today I’m writing about:


Not the oft-hoped for types of dreams that we spend years trying to develop, and a lifetime trying to achieve. Those are amazing, and a vital part of life. But that’s not what I’m talking about today.

I’m talking about those crazy, sleep-induced dreams that makes you feel like you’re losing it once you wake up. I’ve always had very vivid dreams that I remember quite well, sometimes for years. I can’t imagine never having/remembering my dreams. Some of my dreams leave me laughing, and others make me wonder about my sanity. And we aren’t even going to discuss those dreams induced by mefloquine, an anti-malarial medicine I was one for about 9 months, which is known to induce extremely vivid dreams. 😉

When I was young, if I happened to dream about spiders, I would usually have the worse time falling asleep again. I was absolutely terrified of spiders, undoubtedly arachnophobia. That’s changed a little in recent years, as you just can’t join the Peace Corps for two years and continue to be terrified of spiders.

Last night I had one of those spider dreams, but my have the times changed. I was once again back in South Africa, at my home on the edge of the Kalahari desert. And I had just returned from a trip again only to find out that it was tarantula season again. There were about three massive (8 inches) tarantulas zooming around the yard, and I was so worried they would into my room.

You see, when I was living in South Africa (for real), I did have a tarantula (3 inches or so) in my room, and a noticed him when he was crawling out from under my bed. Talk about facing your worse nightmare. Armed with only a push broom and an umbrella, I absolutely failed to kill him, and my host mom had to finish him off. It was A BAD NIGHT.

But I survived.

So my dream last night was a bit funnier, and my host family had fun teasing me just a bit. But when I woke up this morning and remembered my dream, I did breathe a prayer of thanks that I didn’t have to deal with tarantulas again.

But, it does just got to show that sometimes we do have to face the stuff of our nightmares, and doing so only makes us stronger.



2 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Dreams

  1. I am absolutely terrified of spiders!!! There was one time I was reaching into a box to get some music books out and my hand was within inches of a tarantula. My screaming about gave my husband a heart attack. Thank goodness he’s not afraid of them and he put it outside. My worst nightmare involving spiders was when I was a little kid and I dreamed that I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor and I woke up to hundreds of daddy long legs crawling all over me. I still remember it vividly after twenty years!!!! Daddy long legs were the only spider I wasn’t afraid of back then, but after that dream I am now lol. I remember a lot of dreams from when I was a kid. I could tell you about probably twenty of them. They are still vivid in my memory. I will never forget them probably. I think only one of them was a good one…. the rest are terrifying! When I was a teenager I kept a dream journal, but that only made them more vivid and scarier so I quit and haven’t done it since because it was causing me not to sleep. I have often wondered why some people remember their dreams, even years later, and other people don’t remember a single one. Great subject for today’s post!!

  2. Oh, Jen, dreams AND spiders! Both a big part of my growing up life. I’ve even had dreams about family members being injured or in a tight spot and learn the next day it was happening as I dreamed it. Talk about scary! But spiders are another story. I really fear spider bites, and if I knew there was a BIG spider under my bed, my eyes would never close. In fact, I’d likely leave the bedroom immediately! It’s amazing what fear can do to us, isn’t it? And those are the times we tend to forget who is in control. 🙂

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