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Five Minute Friday: Mighty

It’s Five Minute Friday time, where hundreds of bloggers gather together to write on a common prompt. Five Minutes, that’s all. No planning, no editing, just real words from real people. To know more about the FMF crows, check out Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog.

Today’s word is: Mighty.


The winds whip around outside, a formidable force. Unseen, yet it’s existence undeniably event by its affect.

Just like our Heavenly Father. Who we cannot see, but whose presence in our lives is undeniable.

Friends, it’s hard to comprehend the might of our Lord. How can we even begin to understand the depth of His mighty love, His unending strength, and His enduring grace?

Our God is mighty. A half dozen worship songs pop into mind with that word alone: Mighty.  A word that makes me think of Him when I hear it. How could a mighty God truly care about little ol’ me?

And yet He does. Just like the wind, the evidence is undeniable. He has reminded me time and time again that though He is the mighty God of the universe, He truly and intimately cares about me. He is there for me when I stumble, or when I struggle. He is even there when I question or doubt. And His mighty love for me is unending. And He loves you the same way.

Let us bask today in the mightiness of our glorious Father. Let us share His mighty love with those around us, so they might know that He loves them: truly. Unconditional. Forever.

And remember how much He loves you, my friend.


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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Mighty

  1. I love this, “Just like the wind, the evidence is undeniable.” So true. Even in his Might, He still remembers us and keeps us and protects us. Even little ole’ me and you. Thanks for sharing! From another FMF sister. 😉

  2. Hello Jen, lovely to read your words today. I’m encouraged again that God’s love is really strong… ‘undeniable’, ‘unending’. These are strong words… and inspire security. Thank you.

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