Life’s been a little crazy lately, friends. It gets that way, sometimes. You know how it goes!

But I’ve been letting myself procrastinate a bit, and I keep telling myself I’ll write something tomorrow. Well, then a week passes, and I’m caught off guard. I keep thinking of good ideas and then when it comes down to it, I can’t get the words out. I’ve not been writing much lately, offline or on, and it’s starting to get to me.

Sometimes, I just need to write. Without a focus, goal, or those wonderful Five Minute Friday prompts. But I get a little scared, wondering why anyone wants to know what actually goes on in my life. Do you all really want to hear how I spent Sunday baking cookies for work, picking up sticks around the yard (prepping for the ever elusive SPRING!), or doing load after load of laundry? Probably not. 🙂 I don’t always claim to have an exciting life.

I think my biggest problem is that, even after a year, I haven’t really defined the goal of my blog. I don’t want to commit. I’ve got so many ideas and intentions that I’ve never really decided exactly what I want to write about. But I think it’s time to make a commitment.

So from here on out, these are the things my blog is going to focus on:

1. God-The whole reason I have a blog is to share my journey of faith, and my relationship with God will be evident throughout my blog. As I strive to make Him more central in my life each day, I hope this blog reflects His incredible work in my life.

2. Food-Whether it’s cooking something new (though I don’t claim to be a chef), chronicling my adventures in eating more naturally, or growing things in my garden, food will be a central focus in my blog. I like to cook, bake, and grow things to eat, and recently I’ve been focusing on reevaluating the things I eat. Because of that, you’ll read a lot about eating locally and naturally, which is important to me. (And, incidentally, as a horticulturalist that focusing on food insecurity, a large part of my work life! How blessed I am to have a job I’m passionate about!)

3. Photography-Though it’s only a hobby of mine (for now), I enjoy taking pictures and will share what they mean to me. I use photography to look a life differently, and through it I understand much more about the beauty God created in this world. 

The first two were easy to define, and since I limited myself to three, the last one was a lot harder to decide on. I still hesitate to call myself a photographer because there seems to be a lot of expectations attached to that word. But at the end of the day, I’m a photographer at heart, and it’s time to share a little of that.

I will, of course, stray from these topics now and again. I’m an avid reader, so I’ll probably do some book reviews (if you have one you want me to review, send me an email). I’m also (gulp) writing a book, so you might hear more about that down the road. But, for now, my main blog topics will be God, food, and photography.

Now, to just actually WRITE once and a while! 😉


PS: This was 100% not what I expected to write about tonight, but that’s ok. I go with the flow.


2 thoughts on “Focusing

    1. Thank you Heather, for this encouragement. How right you are! For everything I write, I strive to bring the glory to Him, and I pray I continue to do so.

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