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Finding His Way

Friends, I’ll admit it. I’ve felt a little lost lately.


Not sure where I’m going. Not sure where He wants me to go. Sometimes, I start wondering IF He even has a plan for me. If He’s noticing the things I’m going through.

But every now and then, perhaps when I’m most frustrated with the uncertainness in my life, I see a glimpse of the plan. I see where He might be leading me.

And I get it. You see, He wants me to go all in. To trust Him without holding back. To be willing to do something (what, I don’t know) without knowing exactly why. Or how the pieces are supposed to fall together.

I’ll be honest, friends, I’m not good with that. You know those people…Type A, hard core planner, perfectionist, always prompt with a lot of superfluous information tucked away into her purse? That’d be me. Africa broke me of some of that, but not enough, apparently.


The past week or two, I’ve been praying hardcore about His plans for me, and for me to be able to trust what He’s doing in the background of my life. Out of frustration or obedience, I finally surrendered to following His plan without knowing what it is. I’m sure some people think that’s crazy, but that’s where He wants me.

And almost immediately, the pieces started falling into place. I surrendered to following Him without knowing what His plan is, and He immediately blesses me with assurances left and right. People coming up to me with jobs they want me to apply for, and will fight for me to have. Calls back from positions I’ve applied for with arrangements for interviews. But above all that, I finally feel at peace. I don’t feel so lost. He’s my guide, and I know I can trust His direction. The peace that comes with finally FINALLY accepting that is incredible.


How foolish of me to have spent the past few months fretting and worrying and fighting against His gentle nudges.

So, my friends, I’ve got a prayer request for you. First, that I don’t make a fool of myself at my two (praise the Lord) interviews on Tuesday. And secondly, that I can continue to rest in His peace, and accept this stage in my life as His plan. And I will pray that if any of you are going through something similar, that the Lord will bless you with His complete peace. Because, though we often forget, He’s got our backs.



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