Five Minute Friday: Small

Today’s Friday, which means it’s time for Five Minute Friday. One of my favorite times of the week when I join with hundreds of other bloggers to write together on a common prompt. For five minutes only, ignoring the inner editor…just writing.

And today’s word is: Small.


Everything in me wants to go bigger, to do more. Maybe it’s the “youngest child” syndrome in me, like when I used to be obnoxious in the spotlight as much as possible when I was little.

But something got to me this week, as I watched the Olympics. Lolo Jones was speaking about how different it was to work on a team in the bobsled event rather than as a solo Olympian. And she said this: “It’s all about putting myself last and pushing the drivers up. My job is actually to humble myself and lift them up.”

That got to me, friends. It hit me deep in the heart.

I need to humble myself to build others up. To bring glory to God. I need to make myself smaller.

One of my favorite quote is by Marianne Williamson, and we all know it…”Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…” It goes on to say that “Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.:

Playing small with our abilities can be a dangerous thing. Letting others tell us we are good enough can keep us from realizing God’s plan for our lives. But sometimes the biggest actions are the small ones. A word of encouragement to a suffering friend, a smile to a stranger on the street, or a moment of play with a child. Making ourselves smaller so that others can be built up, can be encouraged.

So my goal is to make myself smaller and lift others up. To show God’s love in the little things, rather than seeking to glorify myself in the big things. Because in the end, I want the glory to go to Him.


Now, come join in on the fun! Wander on over to Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog to see how to join, and don’t be afraid to jump into the wonderful community there!



5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Small

  1. I love this, especially that quote by Lolo. It’s so easy to get consumed by what is best for ME, what will help ME. What will help me, honestly, is just doing what God tells me to do, and often, that is serving others, lifting them up.

    1. Thanks for stopping by…and AMEN! If we can ignore that tendency to be focused on ourselves, life can be so much more amazing. Nothing feels better than seeing someone else lifted up, sharing a bit of God’s love with them.

  2. I feel and believe the same exact way you do about “small” – in the end, when we stand before our beautiful Savior even our “big” is going to be shadowed by His grace and love. It’s really, and always, all about Him!

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