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Five Minute Friday: Garden

It’s Friday, and even though I already posted today, it’s time for my Five Minute Friday post! So, after reading this post, feel free to read my thoughts on being single on Valentine’s Day (again).

But for now, it’s FMF time. Where we write freely, for five minutes only. For more info, check out Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog, and join in on the fun!

Today I’m writing about: Garden.


“I’d like to help with the school’s garden too, if possible.”

It all started with those few words, and afterthought at the end of my Peace Corps placement interview. A few months later I found myself standing in the ruins of a school garden, with people looking to me for help.


Over two years, we saw transformation. In my life, in the school garden, in the lives of the children and people in the village. The barren landscape exploded into life, and children ate delicious, healthy food they had grown. My school found pride in itself, which filled me with great happiness.

And me? Those few words brought me to a path where I found my passion. Where I found the work the Lord wants me to do. Some day, some how, I’ll be gardening in Africa again. Bringing hope to those who have little to hope for.

For humanity, life started in a garden. And for me, a dream and a passion started with a garden. A school garden in deep-rural South Africa. A part of my heart is buried there, among the roots seeking life from the windswept desert sand.

It all comes back to the garden.




3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Garden

  1. Hi! I am also a Five Minute Friday blogger! I look forward to reading your post on being single (again) on Valentine’s day. I am single (again) on Valentine’s day! I bet you saw some amazing things, and did some amazing things, between July 2011 and September 2013! It sounds like it really impacted you!

    1. Hi Sara! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find many blessings on this (once-again-single) Valentine’s Day….your encouragement has been a blessing to me today! And yes, it’s been an amazing two years that has changed my life…

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