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Five Minute Friday: Hero

Today’s Friday, which means Five Minute Friday.  If you don’t know the drill, wander on over to Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog for the full details. But for now, it’s time to write for five minutes only, unscripted, unedited.

Today’s word is: Hero.


My life has been blessed with many heroes, big and small. Some have flitted in and out, blessing my life immeasurably in a short span of time. Others have been by my side my whole life, building me up when I’m weak and praising with me during the good times. They fuel my dreams and passions, and help me achieve more than I ever thought possible. I look up to them, and hope I can emulate their loving nature in my own actions.


My parents, who have stood by me and all my crazy decisions, always supporting me, whether I wanted to be a marine biologist (I’m not) or move 8,000 miles away from home to serve in Africa. They were and are there for me.

My older sister, who has protected me and taught me since the day I was born. When she’s around, the only one who can mess with me is her!


Countless others, friends…family…strange acquaintances that turned into wonderful friendships, teachers, people who have opened their hearts and homes to me.

But most importantly of all, God. He’s never left me, never forgotten me, and planted little seeds…ideas…which have sprouted into hopes and dreams. He has a plan for me, and no matter what, He will help me achieve them. Without Him, I am nothing.

Heroes in all shapes and sizes, and when I look at my life and they people who have helped me along they way, I feel blessed. I want to imitate their love as much as I can, and fulfill others as they have fulfilled me.





7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Hero

  1. Heroes are definitely all around us, like angels. Beautiful words about the many heroes in your life. 🙂 Stopping over from Five Minute Friday. Here’s my “hero” post if you get a chance to read. –> God Bless… P.S. Following you now too, as we are both on wordpress! 🙂

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