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Five Minute Friday: Visit

It’s that time of week again, when I join hundreds of other writers in the wonderful madness of Five Minute Friday. Today we’re writing on:



The past two and a half years, living in Africa, I’ve done my share of visiting.

An unexpected, last-minute invitation by a perfect stranger to join their family for a Christmas Eve dinner, which turned out to be a wonderful first experience in the kindness and hospitality of the Afrikaner culture, keeping away homesickness on my first Christmas away from my family.

Or the enthusiastically visit to the beauty of the Indian Ocean and the ten days spent wandering along the coastal towns with good friends. Where I tried new food (warthog), new modes of transportation (ostrich back), and new adventures (jumping off a bridge).

Also, the long awaited Christmas holiday spent with friends-almost-family, celebrating their holiday as if I truly was family. Where I was welcomed into their hearts and home for a wonderful few days of good food, good stories, and good laughs.

And I can’t forget the unplanned and heart-wrenching visit to an HIV positive woman in my village who was struggling to make ends meet for her and her grandchildren. Seeing the difficulties of the life she lived, but how hard she tried to make it better for the young children.

I’ve visited many places throughout South Africa, each on teaching me new things and blessing me in one unexpected way or another. Now I’m back home, visiting-but-not-quite as I readjust to life back on my “old stomping grounds”, trying to figure out where the Lord is leading me to go. Where He wants me to visit next. The last two years of visiting have left me immensely blessed, and I look forward to upcoming chances to visit friends, new and old alike.


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