Five Minute Friday: Together

Today I’m joining together with hundreds of women around the world to write for five minutes on a common prompt.  It’s Five Minute Friday time!



Together is such a wonderful word.

I live alone.  Alone in my house, in my village, in this crazy adventure I’m going through.  Joining Peace Corps means going through two (well, in my case three) years of loneliness.  

But there are the wonderful times when I feel like I’m part of something. When I’m together with others.  Be it working together on a project with people in my community, gathering together with other volunteers in a nearby town, and chatting with friends and family back home.  Yes, PC is an experience filled with loneliness, but also filled with many wonderful experiences of working together with others.


In Africa, there is Ubuntu.  “Motho ke motho ba batho ba bangwe” is the explanation in Setswana: A person is a person because of others.

It means that in this world, we are all together as one.  What we do impacts others.  I am the person I am because of other people, and because of God.  Without the help and support of others, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  Our lives are all intricately knitted together.

I’ve been blessed to be welcomed into numerous homes, families, and hearts here.  I have many South African families spread across the country, and they have allowed me to take a break from the loneliness and be part of something.  

To be together.


PS. I’ve included a few links to my blog that features my experiences in Peace Corps.



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