It’s the Little Things…

Sometimes, it’s a big life event that ends up strengthening our faith, opening our eyes to the awesome power of God.  But I find, more often than not, that it’s the little things in life that remind me of God’s love.  The daily blessings and miracles that all too often go unnoticed.

My house has a leaky roof.  I live in a cement-brick, one-roomed house with a corregated metal roof.  It’s not a shack, but it’s not fancy.  And the roof leaks.  It leaks so much that, at times, there is a constant downpour of water from my roof.  I discovered this when it first rained several weeks back.  I heard a plop-plop-plop noise and realized my blankets were already soaked on my bed.

Having a leaky roof is REALLY stressful, especially with the impending rainy season.  The rains in Africa can be pretty intense, and with a leaky roof, they mean sleepless nights and stressed-filled days at work.  Did a new leak start?  Is the bucket overflowing?  Will I be able to lift the basin if it fills up to the top?  Will the splashes damage my floor?  Will a leak open above my bed and ruin any possibility of sleep for the night?

It’s stressful.  More than I ever imagined.

On Monday night I woke up from a deep sleep around midnight, to the pounding of rain on my metal roof.  It sounded like elephants clogging on my roof.  I spent the next few hours in and out of bed, adjusting my buckets and keeping an eye out for new leaks.  I finally ended up laying in bed, nearly in tears, in a desperate haze for lack of sleep.  I muttered a nearly senseless prayer asking for relief from the rain, and thanking Him for it prematurely.  I was exhausted and had a 7:30am meeting in the morning, the start of a long work week.

Almost instantaneously (at least, to my sleep-addled brain), the rains ceased.  There was no gentle dissipation.  It was raining, and then it wasn’t.  I woke up fully, amazed at what had happened, and praised God for hearing me.  For showing me how much He cared.  And I sank into a deep slumber.

The rains returned hours later, but I managed to get enough sleep to make it through Monday.

God does amazing things for us everyday, and I praise Him for it.  And I feel blessed that He allowed me to witness one of these everyday miracles, and used it to show me His love.



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