Grace in Ephesians

Once again, I’m part of the Hello Mornings devotional/accountability group.  Each session is 13 weeks long, and in August, I started my second session.  This time the study is focused on understanding God’s grace through the book of Ephesians.  Each week, we read a new passage, and we are to focus on looking for specific messages each day (promises, truths, etc).  So, each passage is read five times, through a different “filter”, if you will.  At first I wasn’t wild about this set up, but four weeks in, and I’m starting to like it.

It’s amazing how different things can pop out when you are specifically looking for them, and how the same bit of text can reveal different things about God’s grace and His plans for His children.

The overarching theme of the study is grace, and Ephesians is full of examples of how graceful our God truly is.  This week’s passage is Ephesians 2:11-22, and it’s amazing how 12 short verses can show the journey to salvation of the Gentiles through God’s grace.  The verses start out as a reminder that the Gentiles were once set apart from Christ excluded from being part of the nation of Israel, and tells a beautiful story of God’s grace for the Gentiles.  How He send His Son to unite the Gentiles and the Jewish nation.  How Christ broke down the walls and taught us about peace and reconciliation.  How Christ has become the cornerstone of our relationship with God, and through Him we are a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit.

I found these verses to be more powerful each day I read them.  Just a few short verses show so succinctly how graceful God truly is, and how much He wants to know us.  What a beautiful journey laid out in this passage.



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