Faith · Trust

Back Again!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, but between traveling home for about 5 weeks and getting back to South Africa, life has been busy.  I was blessed immensely to spend time at home with my friends and family, and now I’m back in South Africa, getting used to rural African life again.

I’ll be in South Africa for another year, working with a youth development organization in a village in Limpopo province.  When I came here, it was determined that I would work part time with a food security project, and part time with the youth centre.  Things happened and funding crises occurred, and now I have no clue what I’ll do for the coming year.  What had seemed so planned out and perfect is now all up in the air.

I catch myself question the Lord’s reason for having me here.  But then I remember-He knows, so it’s not necessary for me to know why.  I just need to trust.

As crazy as life is at the moment, I still feel at peace.  This was the right decision, the one He wanted me to make.  And though my life is unpredictable now, I’m surrendering it to His will.  I keep getting little reminders that He wants me to let go and let Him handle it….emails from a friend, a random facebook post on my news feed, a verse that jumps out at me while reading my Bible.  Little reminders that He hasn’t left me alone in a rural village.  It’s hard, but the more I trust, the more at peace I feel.

I’ll be sure to update more often….after all, I have internet access, so I have no excuse!



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