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Five Minute Friday: Beautiful



Since coming to Africa, I’ve heard the word “beautiful” countless times: kids calling out that a visiting friend “too beautiful”; scribbled into classwork books to describe their new dress or their father’s cow; strange men reaching out to grab my arm and mumbled how beautiful I am before declaring their love for me…some good, some bad. Beautiful is one of the first English word kids learn here, and it’s used in abundance.

For me, I see God’s beautiful creations everywhere I look: the sun setting slowly over the hot Kalahari sands, a dazzling array of colors painted on the sky; dense forests carpeting the fog-covered mountains; regal wildlife peeking through the vivid lowveld bush; kindhearted people opening their homes to an uncertain foreigner; children running down the road to greet me and grab my hands; little old ladies protecting me from the crude men, smiling and laughing with me.
God has graced this earth with such beauty-we don’t have to look far. In people, in the landscape, in the love each of us has within us. I try to see this beautiful world everyday, rather than letting the busyness of life prevent me from seeing this wonderful gift from God.


It’s Friday, which means it is Five Minute Friday time! As you might know, each week I’m participating in a blog party, where hundreds of people gather and write on a specific prompt for five minutes only. Simply writing. The prompts come from Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog, which you can find here. So welcome, enjoy reading, and feel free to join in!
Five Minute Friday


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

  1. Dear Jen
    Where in the Kalahari do you stay? I stay in East London and just love the beautiful red sands of the Kalahari. To me that is also so beautiful!

  2. This is lovely Jen! I can easily let the busyness of life prevent me from seeing God’s beauty all around me. I have to intentionally slow down and look for it. But when I do, it is everywhere.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    (Stopping over from Lisa-Jo’s)

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