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Five Minute Friday: In Between

Each Friday for over a year, hundreds of people have gathered for a blog party.  We focus on a prompt given out by Lisa-Jo Baker (who has a great blog) and we write.  For five minutes only-unscripted, unplanned, and unpolished.  I’m still a newbie to this blog party, being only my second week.  So enjoy!


In Between


The last 2 years of my life has been a strange in-between stage: not quite real-world-adult, not quite college-student-dependent-on-parents. Semi-independence, semi-real world, semi-I-don’t-know-what. That’s my Peace Corps life.

Many of my friends have  “settled down”: they have a real job, relationships, spouses, a baby, a house….and I struggle-I have none of that.  On one hand, I want that.  On the other, I know the Lord has called me to a different life.  An in-between life.  Instead of the security on continunity and a “normal” life, I’m living in Africa on wing and a prayer.  I have no job, but I’m facing the strangest and hardest difficulties of my life through my projects.  I have no family of my own, but I have 4 different African families of different races and tribes.  I have no house, but numerous kind people have opened their hearts and homes to me.101_4195-1

I struggle with the desires for a normal life, but I love my in-between life as well.  It’s been filled with fantastic challenges and glorious successes.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  And while I hope this in-between phase doesn’ tlast forever, I try to embrace it while I can.  I’ve no clue what the Lord has in store for me, but for the next year, I am an in between sojourner. 




12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: In Between

  1. Stopping by with FMF….and I wouldn’t call you and inbetweener by any means. I know it’s ideal to settle down with family and all the goodies that come with it. But you have stepped into a higher calling and I applaud you. Jesus says that what you do unto the least of these, you’ve done unto Me. You are serving. You have the right idea. God created us to have relationships with people, not necessarily marriage. You are building wonderful relationships and showing them the love of Christ. I 100% admire you. And to be honest, I never really pictured myself married with kids…I always thought God would send me to the ends of the earth. God will bless your faithfulness in due time, I will pray for you. I think you are awesome and I never knew you existed until about two minutes ago…

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Emily. You know, I still can’t picture myself settling down with a family, but I do miss it….I try not to miss what I don’t have, but sometimes it’s hard. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement!!

  2. How do I join the five minute friday party? I’m trying to be more consistent with my blogging (and failing), so maybe it will help me…

      1. I made it over there this afternoon after I finished with chores (for a little while at least). I think it’s going to be fun to be part of the party.

    1. Awesome! 😉 Thanks for the kind words….I’ve been wanting to do it for months and months, but until recently, my internet situation made it impossible. So now I’m pretty happy to be part of the FMF party!!

  3. Hi, I am April and a newbie as well to the FMF blog party 🙂 where you are now, serving the Lord is such an amazing in between … may the good Lord protect you in HIS loving arms always. blessings

    1. Welcome, fellow newbie! 😀 Thanks for the encouragement-now I’m headed over to your blog (ok…a few days late, but hey) to check out your post.

  4. Hi Jennifer, this is PhoebeJoy from Houston. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Bless you with your newest transition! I think I’ll try following your blog more. 🙂

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