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Five Minute Fridays: Listen

For quite awhile, I’ve wanted to participate in Five Minute Fridays (FMF), which is a “blog party” started by Lisa Jo Baker, a brilliant blogger and writer.  But my internet situation has prevented me from doing so.  Now I am blessed to have access to internet at work, so you’ll frequently be seeing my FMF posts.

What is FMF?  Well, for over a year, hundreds of women have been “gathering” online to write about a specific topic.  Each week, at 1 minute past midnight (EST) on Friday, Lisa Jo Baker posts a prompt, and we write.  For five minutes, without excessive editing and whatnot.  Read more about it here.

So, here goes:


I’ve always been a talkative person.  Between my sister and I, I doubt our house was ever silent growing up.  It’s surprising that my mother didn’t wind up in an insane asylum.  Then again, she come from a family of three very talkative sisters.

One thing I always struggled with was listening.  I could talk until I was blue in the face, but to get me to sit down and listen was nearly impossible.  Listening was inactive, or so I though, and an active person abhors inactivity.

Since uprooting my life and moving to Africa, I’ve learned a lot about listening.  The slower pace of life has given me the opportunity to do so.  Listening has become an act of survival in a world of unknown languages.  And listening has become a past-time that I’ve learned to enjoy.  Some days I just sit an listen, opening my ears up to a world of activity unheard before: roosters crowing as the sun peeks over the horizon, children laughing and jabbering in incomprehensible Xitsonga or Setswana, house music blaring from the house next door, song rising from an all-night prayer service, feet thumping out traditional dances in the veld, baby goats bleating for their mothers, distant cars rumbling over the rutted dirt roads, wind rustling over the Kalahari sands….

As I learn to physically listen, I am called to listen spiritually.  Just as I can talk on end, I am naturally comfortable praying without pausing to listen.  Yet what sort of relationship with the Creator of the Universe can I have without listening.  And so, I shall listen, and strive to hear what He has to tell me.


Want to read more posts about this week’s prompt?  Check out the original post!



7 thoughts on “Five Minute Fridays: Listen

  1. thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your world….so far away but if I close my eyes and listen I can see all you describe. I think we all may be guilty of praying without pause from time to time. Great reminder to listen…in all things. Blessings to you as you continue your journey.

    1. Thanks for the support! I am constantly being reminded to listen….but I often forget. Maybe it was a good sign that this was my first FMF prompt!

  2. Jen! It is my first time on Five Minute Fridays too! I was supposed to comment on the person who posted after you, but the link took me to a blank page, so I came to yours instead. Maybe it was meant to be, because THIS used to be my old blog template!! I love the vibrant colors.

    So we have something in common!

    Crazy to think that you are writing a world away in AFRICA! It was great “meeting” you.


    1. I love the colors as well….thanks for stopping by! And being in Africa makes doing FMF much easier….I don’t have to stay up late waiting for a prompt-I just wake up and it’s there. 🙂 Nice to meet you too!

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