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Shaking Up the Routine

The past few weeks have been hard, really hard.  I’ve lost almost every sense of normalcy in my life.  While I’ve generally been the odd person who enjoyed change, uprooting your life, moving across country, and completely changing the type of work you do is hard on anyone.  It’s a lot harder when you are already living 8,000 miles from home.

My routine has been completely shaken up, and it’s been difficult!  The linguistic and cultural skills I’ve been learning the past two years have been tossed out the window, since I’m in a new culture and forced to learn a new language with no training.

My only constant has been Hello Mornings.  I wrote about it a few weeks ago, at the start of the summer (winter for me) challenge.  Hello Mornings is a social media based accountability group that “meets” for 13 weeks to study, pray, plan, and exercise together.  It’s perfect for someone like me, who is far from home and far from a church community.  And throughout these tumultuous few weeks, it’s been nice knowing that I have something that remains constant.  I wake up, make coffee, study my Bible, and chat with a group of women first thing in the morning.  Sometimes I even exercise….working on that one more now. 🙂

Routines can be amazing things, but they can also hinder our growth.  Shaking up my routine has been extremely difficult, but now that life is starting to settle into a new routine, I can see that the Lord has a plan for me here, and this upset wasn’t for nothing.  I see a community reaching out to me, asking for help, and I know I have the skills to help them improve themselves.  I’ve been questioning if I made the right decision the past few weeks, but the Lord is telling me that I have.  That He’s got my back, and He’ll make sure I find a new, better routine.

I really have no clue what my future holds, immediate or distant future.  But for now, I’m content to find a new routine, and to hold onto the one aspect of my old routine that remains constant, for now.  Hello Mornings.

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