Hello Mornings!

Right around the time I decided to give Facebook up for Lent, I found out about the Hello Mornings crew, and I was instantly intrigued. However, since most of the Hello Mornings groups were Facebook-based (especially for ones in my time zone), I decided to pass up the 13 week study. A couple of weeks ago, I found out they were starting their summer session, and I quickly joined up with a South African group.

So what is Hello Mornings?

It’s a 13 week Bible study that weaves in exercise, Bible readings, and daily planning. What’s unique (and awesome) about it is that it uses social media, Facebook or Twitter, to keep women accountable.

So for the next 13 weeks, I will be getting up each day, reading a portion of my Bible study on the book of John, exercising, planning my day, checking in on Facebook, and getting to know a community of women across South Africa that are all devoted to having time with the Lord. Pretty cool, right?

I’ll let you know that the accountability part is really important to me. Studying together with other women and checking in daily to see how we are all doing is pretty awesome. For me, stuck in a rural village with no means of fellowship with other women, finding an online community has been exciting. I look forward to waking up and seeing how we are doing.

Today was the first day, and though I don’t really know the women in my accountability group yet, I’m excited to get to know them. I suspect I’m the odd one out….younger, single, no kids, and an American to boot, but that’s okay. I’m also not perfect, but the women of Hello Morning aren’t perfect either and don’t expect it from us.

Registration has closed for this session of Hello Mornings, but I’ll be talking about it more and more, and will let you know when the next session begins in August. If you want to know more, click on the button above, which will direct you to the Hello Mornings website.



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