Photo Friday #2

DSCF4153{Edit: Internet won’t cooperate with attaching a photo today….so photoless Friday….imagination time! Edit: Got it working again}A Photo Friday post almost didn’t happen today, after a long, very Peace Corps, very African travel (mis)adventure…..but I figured I shouldn’t skip on week number 2!  So after arriving in the capital safe and sound (and exhausted), grabbing some food, and chatting with a long-time-no-see friend, I’ve settled down to write.

Today’s picture is of me jumping off a bridge in 2011.  It was my first vacation in South Africa, and in the spirit of “Go big or go home,” some friends and I decided to bungee jump.  Off the world’s highest bungee-216m and 7 seven seconds of free fall.

Sometimes in life we are called to make a leap of faith, and it can be every bit as real as jumping off a bridge, with only jagged rocks and a small creek below me.  Standing on that bridge, walking towards the edge, peering down, and finally taking that leap was both scary and exhilarating.  And when we are called to take a leap of faith, it can feel the exact same way.  We are called to the unknown, and we have to gather all of our courage to take a deep breath and make the plunge.

When you bungee jump, you have to trust in people to do their jobs correctly, and on the elastic band that is the only thing separating you from a very messy death.  When we take the leap and embrace the life God is calling us to, we trust that the Creator of the universe will catch us.  So why is it easy to jump of a bridge than to take a leap of faith?

Why have I deliberated more about committing to a journey of refinement during Lent that I did about jumping off a bridge?  How foolish am I?

I’ve committed, said yes, and leaped into God’s plans for me this Lenten season.  It’s scary, but also exhilarating.  Knowing that God cares enough about me to call me to this leap of faith means that He has a purpose for it.  He has a reason, and a plan.  And leaping is the first step.

Is God calling you to take a leap of faith?  How are you responding?



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