Sustainable Sunday #1: Seeing the Beauty

Darkness surrounds me, blanketing the world around me. A cool breeze plays across my skin, welcome relief after the heat of the day. I look around, breathlessly observing the darkness. The moon glints above, reflecting off the pale sand and gently illuminating the path before me. From the silence emerges a cacophony of nature sounds: frogs creaking, crickets chirping, chickens rustling and dogs howling in the distance. The rain brought relief from the desert summer, and the lack of electricity made the modern world disappear. Turning towards the house, I see the soft glow of a candlelit evening flickering through the curtains.

I look around, relishing the darkness and silence-that-is-nature’s-music. A glance up, and my breath is taken away. Stretched out above me is a stunning display of stars, like diamonds in the sky. The Milky Way bisects the night sky, brilliant against the dark fabric of night. All around me, I see the hand of the Creator. I see the marvelous world that modern society hides through bright lights and catchy music.

I stand staring at the sky, amazing at the beauty the Author of the Universe made for us to enjoy. I turn around, drinking in the nighttime beauty, basking in the love that swells up inside me. I have been blessed to see something so incredible, so vast, so brilliantly designed. And He gives it to us each and every night.

Along with Photo Fridays, I’ll be writing a Sustainable Sunday post each week to discuss my life as a Crunchy Christian, or someone who endeavors to live a more sustainable life. I believe God created this world, and I believe He wants us to care for. I’ve seen beauty in creation, as indicated above, and I think it is important for Christians to care about preserving that beauty. By stepping away from the World, we can see the beauty the Creator has made for us more easily. Join me on Sundays and read about my life as a Crunchy Christian trying to honor God in how I live my life.


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