Sunsets and Promises

Today's sunset.

Today’s sunset.

Nearly every day, as I close my window, I glance out the westward window and see a breath-taking sunset. Such rich colors, beautiful cloud formations, and endless sky across the watering hole outside my window. An African sunset is something to be revered, and almost every day I see one more stunning than the last. I am reminded anew each day of the power of God, and of the beauty He created in this world.

No matter how hard my day was, I glance out that window and pause, resting in a promise God has created for me. In these sunsets, I see the wonder of the Living God, and my soul is soothed. It’s a message to me, to my soul, that He will never give me more than I can handle.

Life in Africa can be crushingly difficult. I am frequently tested to the deepest part of my being. But when my strength fades, the strength of my Savior helps me to persevere, until I can see a sunset and be reminded of His promise.

This blog is new, obviously. Those of you who know me may wonder why I’ve started a new blog. Don’t worry, I will still be updating on my Peace Corps blog. But Growing in Faith is a place where I can share my journey with the Lord, and write about the things He is teaching me. When my Peace Corps service ends, my Peace Corps blog will undoubtedly end. But my journey with God will never end, and this blog is a place where I can chronicle what the Lord is teaching me, through the end of my Peace Corps service and beyond.

For those of you who wandered here through one tunnel of the internet or another, and subsequently don’t know me, you may be wondering “Peace Corps? I thought she was a Christian!” Wander on over to my “About Me” page for more info on this crazy thing I call life.


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